Project Execution Philosophy

ETI Offshore provides under one roof all the services required for the successful delivery of your products, from initial concept development to final site commissioning and maintenance and services during operations.

ETI Offshore project execution strength is to work in a fully integrated manner across all disciplines, ensuring for instance that valuable feedback is provided at the engineering stage of the project by the fabrication and maintenance teams.

Scope of Services

Project Management

Our dedicated project managements teams ensure that each project is delivered in time and within budget in accordance with our clients’ requirements and our safety and quality objectives. All our project managers are seasoned engineers familiar with ETI Offshore products using state-of-the-art management tools.

Procurement & Fabrication

ETI Offshore procurement & fabrication teams fully control the entire supply chain associated with its product range, relying on an extensive list of qualified suppliers and fabricators engaged in a long-term relationship.

Assembly & Testing

All procured materials and equipment are delivered to ETI Offshore workshops in Marseille where the final products are assembled and tested in accordance with client and class requirements.

Engineering & Conceptual Studies

ETI Offshore seeks to engage with its clients in a project right from inception in order to accurately identify their needs and propose the most appropriate solution. If required, ETI Offshore can conduct preliminary sizing or conceptual studies to support its clients at the pre-FEED phase.

All ETI Offshore products are designed according to the so-called “5R” rule emanating from its extensive experience in the Offshore Oil & Gas industry:

  • Reliability
  • Redundancy
  • Retrievability
  • Reparability
  • Replaceability

On-site and After-Sales Support

ETI Offshore objectives are not only to deliver a high-quality product, but also to stand alongside its clients during the entire life of the delivered product.

For this reason, ETI Offshore tries to promote the training of operators during the execution of the project in order for them to be familiarized with the equipment prior to commissioning and operation. ETI Offshore always keeps an as built digital 3-D model of the delivered transfer systems so that anytime a question arises about any parts – from swivel’s seals to the structure itself – ETI Offshore is there to support any query quickly and efficiently.

During the critical commissioning phase, ETI Offshore is always available to provide a team of experienced site inspectors and engineers to assist our clients offshore or onshore. Our site teams can cover several disciplines including Electrical, Instrumentation, Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Hydraulic and Telemetry.

ETI Services team can also be mobilized on demand during operations in order to intervene on any swivel stacks and related ancillaries.

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