Offshore Oil & Gas and Floating LNG


ETI Offshore experience is deeply rooted in the Oil & Gas industry, having reliably supplied for many years swivel technology on several FPSOs and FSOs. Thanks to its constant R&D efforts, ETI Offshore has consistently remained at the forefront of the technology and can provide today a wide range of solutions for fluid and power transfers, whether for FPSO/FSOs, FLNG/FSRUs, or CALM Buoys.

Swivels & Swivel Stacks

ETI Offshore delivers swivels specifically designed to the clients’ needs for the transfer of fluid products, utilities, power, electrical and optical signals. To optimize space, avoid any critical interfaces, and maximize the operation uptime, ETI Offshore recommends undertaking the engineering, fabrication and assembly of the entire transfer system where all swivels are assembled in a stack. Swivel stacks are generally delivered by ETI Offshore complete with all necessary ancillaries, including driving system, bearing lubrication, monitoring and leak detection and recuperation systems.

ETI Offshore is also experienced in the refurbishment and adaption / conversion of existing swivel stacks, which would typically be required for FPSO relocations or CALM buoys overhauls.

In line with its design philosophy, ETI Offshore makes a point of providing swivels that can easily be repaired and/or replaced in situ. To that effect, spare seals are generally pre-installed on the units so that they can eventually be changed out without dismounting the swivel stack. In the unlikely event that all spare seals would have been utilized, ETI Offshore can also intervene in-situ and replace any defective seals without dismounting the swivel stack thanks to its proprietary seal bonding machine.

ETI Offshore Swivel Performance Record

The list below represents the performance range of all the different types of swivels supplied or fully qualified by ETI Offshore today. Thanks to its on-going R&D efforts, ETI Offshore is also able to undertake any further developments that would be required by its clients beyond these ranges.

Swivel Type Toroidal Inline CPU Power & Signals Utility

Typical functions
Crude production,
Water injection,
gas import,
gas export,
Gas lift,
fire water,
Gas injection,
gas export,
gas lift,
water injection
can be multipaths
IECex Multipaths LV,
optic fiber,
Multipaths Hydraulic,
scale inhibitor,
compressed air,
Design Pressure
Up to 450 Barg
Up to 1000 Barg
20 Barg
Up to 2”
Design Temperature
-20 to 130 °C
-20 to 130 °C
-20 to 90°C
-10 to 45 °C
-20 to 90°C
Flange Diameter
Up to 2x12”
Up to 12”
Up to 24”
Up to 2”
Seal Diameter
Up to 2000 mm
Up to 600 mm
Up to 600 mm
Up to 1000 mm
Up to 22kV
50 MVA / 45MW

Equipment for SPMs

In addition to the swivels, ETI Offshore also supplies the following equipment for Single Point Mooring Systems:

  • Hydraulic control systems (including HPUs)
  • Subsea power & hydraulic umbilicals
  • Process & Chemical systems
  • Electrical & Optical systems
  • Telemetry, navigation aids
  • Spare parts for CALM Buoys